TYROBOX - Ready Creamery in a container - family creamery

Our company has the ability to place you a ready-cheese type BOX (containers), ready to operate, with modern machinery and production capacity 1500lt milk daily.

Nowadays in Greece, where the cost is of prime concern support local and small businesses may give impetus to development. The manufacturer may become the owner of an integrated unit of cheese production that rivals due to the locality, other relevant imported products. In addition the manufacturer has the opportunity to be independent as regards the promotion of his final products and to bypass suppliers or intermediaries. Finally, the majority of producers with the most affordable cost can install a small and flexible unit, according to the Community directives, instead of constructing a building.

 The vertical integration of production is an economic solution offered to build a small creamery in a container. The simplicity of the process of cheese production and the installation of container is shown in the fotos below.

Equipment list (line of cheese production):

1)     MILK TANK                                                      RECEPTION AREA

2)     PUMP



4)     CREAM SEPARATOR                                      UNCLEAN AREA



6)     PUMP 


8)     COAGULATION TANK                                       CLEAN AREA



10)   CURING CABIN                                                 STORAGE AREA




It is easily perceived that the transport and installation of a "TYROBOX" is a simple process. The container-creamery is standard, with specific dimensions, occupies little space, satisfies all the conditions and requirements of legislation and is ready for use.

The production process which takes place in the container is described below (as illustrated in the diagram): Incoming milk is weight, heat treated (4°) to ensure product safety and uniformity. This happens to a milk tank where it is stored. Using a pump the milk is transferred to the heat temperature and then to separator which is used for separating cream from whole milk, based on centrifuge force. From the Cream Separator the milk is transferred to the pasteurizer, where it boils/pasterized in temperature 68° for approximately 17-20 minutes. From the pasteurizer the milk is transferred by using a pump to the chiller, where the temperature of the milk is reduced to the 32°. Next procedure is the coagulation tank. There the responsible staff adds a milk-clotting enzyme called rennet, to coagulate the milk, forming a custard-like mass. After 1 hour time, where the cheese has been like mass, the staff puts the product into form blocks so that it becomes formed curd. Next, (after some hours) the staff takes out the product from the form blocks and places it to the Curing cabin. Curing is used for aged cheeses and helps fully develop its flavor and texture. The cheese is moved to this room that is carefully controlled for required humidity and temperature and controls the PH of the product. At the end the final product is stored to the refrigeration cabin.

Manufacturing or supplying such a system - type container, for the treatment of milk minimizes a lot of problems concerning authorizations (building permit, investments related to environmental protection) and significantly reduces the cost of creating a similar cheese business, with a capacity of 200- 1.500litra milk for each work cycle.